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Did you know that every 60 seconds two children are trafficked into the worldwide sex trade? Or that children as young as 3 years are trafficked into the UK for sex, drugs and domestic servitude? 

It is hard to believe, but Human Trafficking* is a very real issue in Cambridge, as in all major cities across the UK. There are well over 100 brothels in Cambridgeshire and some owners use normal houses in villages and residential areas to disguise their trade. Many of the sex workers used in these establishments will be innocent victims, often under-age, who have been trafficked for the express purpose of sexual exploitation.

Cambridge Act for Justice is a local group which aims to take a stand against this modern form of slavery. Our Act for Justice group meets every three weeks to pray, share information and plan events and initiatives. In recent months, we have held fundraising and awareness-raising events at churches, colleges, conferences and in Cambridge city centre which have been widely publicised in the local media. We also campaign, engaging with local/national government and businesses, to ensure laws and regulations are effective in combating the problem of Human Trafficking. 

If you are moved by the following information and want to take action, then please consider joining us:

  • There has been a 50% increase in child trafficking into the UK in the last two years.
  • 80% of those trafficked are for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  • Only 1% of all victims of trafficking are ever rescued.
  • Many victims are ‘duped’ into travelling to other countries by the promise of new job opportunities. Once at their destination, many are sold to brothels where they are forced to ‘service’ clients countless times a day, knowing that any resistance will lead to serious physical abuse.
  • With London’s 2012 Olympics it is predicted there will be a sharp rise in human trafficking in the UK. Due to the huge increase in workers and tourists, there will be a far greater demand for sex workers. Many more innocent victims will be brought in to meet the extra demand.

*The United Nations definition of Human Trafficking is: “The illegal recruitment, transportation, & captivity of persons, by means of force, abduction or deception for the purpose of exploitation.”                                                                                                                                                     

Act for Justice groups are regional groups that are backed by, and support the work of, ‘Hope for Justice’; a Christian organisation which aims to eradicate the problem of human trafficking in the UK. Visit the website at  www.hopeforjustice.org.uk.

If you would like to join Cambridge Act for Justice, or to find out more, please email abolition@cthree.org.

If you would like to find out if there is an Act For Justice group in your area, email info@hopeforjustice.org.uk.