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Cambridge Abolition Group

Abolition Groups are regional groups that are backed by, and support the work of, Hope for Justice; a Christian organisation which aims to eradicate human trafficking in the UK. We meet once a month and our group is centred on three core values:


To make it harder for traffickers to hide their victims and their crimes. Abolition Groups help raise awareness of human trafficking in their community and let people know about the work of Hope for Justice.


More resources mean more rescues! The money we raise helps Hope for Justice identify, rescue and restore men, women and children who’ve endured brutal exploitation. We take part in a yearly Hope Challenge and help end slavery.


Have fun and do good. With our Hope for Justice events and fundraisers, be part of the movement and change the world!

If you would like to join Cambridge Abolition Group, or to find out more details, please email abolition@cthree.org or check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/afjcam/

Sarah Headley, 29/04/2015